Advanced Cloud-based Applications and Work-flow Solutions

We work as a client solutions provider, anticipating changing market needs and developing innovative products designed to help our clients be more effective in managing their portfolios and working with investors.

Our Approach

Conifer Financial Services understands the importance of technology to investment operations. From portfolio management and accounting to liquidity management, document management and data warehousing, we offer exceptional tools and resources to simplify your job as a fund manager.


Our Multi-manager Solution Offering Comprehensive Reporting Access

The heart of our multi-manager solution is an advanced cloud-based data-hub that ensures clients and their investors receive comprehensive and consistent portfolio reporting accessible over the web. Our technology seamlessly integrates data from multiple parties into the centralized data-hub. By providing a single source for all data, we help you eliminate errors and simplify report creation and distribution. Key benefits of the platform include:

  • Highly customizable- “Widget-based” fields so data can be added, deleted and moved as the user sees fit. Screens and reports can be completely customized.
  • Perform analysis- Analyze holdings and transactions by country, region, strategy, asset class and industry. Consider price, interest rate and foreign exchange rate impacts to the P&L as well as perform contribution analysis.
  • Investor dashboard- Financial statements, capital statements, capital calls and distributions, tax reports and other investor-specific documents are all accessible through the Investor Dashboard.
  • Complete document management for capturing subscriptions, redemptions, capital calls, and distributions.

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Our Industry Leading Cloud-based Platform for Accounting, Reporting and Data Warehousing

iCon℠ is an industry leading cloud-based tool for portfolio aggregation, accounting, reporting and data warehousing. Conifer’s proprietary web-based platform features accurate, fully integrated reporting, across many products and markets, regardless of which prime brokers or custodians our clients use. Key benefits of the platform include:

  • Fully integrated and reconciled multi-prime broker/custodian reporting
  • Flexible information access and delivery via data files and/or reports
  • Reports that can be fully customized to a manager’s specifications
  • Global remote connectivity via secure internet connection
  • Multi-currency and multi-asset class capability
  • Transaction and tax lot level data
  • Data integrity and consistency across all portfolios
  • Information is easily accessible by authorized third parties
  • Complete data warehousing solution and an integral part of business continuity planning

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A Trusted End-to-end Form PF Service that Reduces the Time and Cost of SEC Compliance

Conifer provides a comprehensive Form PF solution including aggregation and mapping of data and the production reports for filing with the SEC.

  • Allows fund managers to effectively respond to regulatory requirements
  • Provides institutionalized process of integrating data from prime brokers, custodians and other fund administrators.
  • Automates the complex data aggregation processes required to help hedge funds meet new SEC Form PF requirements.